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Hello, Hello. There is now another folder where you may post all your beautiful deviations. Literally 5 minutes after posting the last journal entry, it let me create another folder.
Okay, I have been quite busy lately and haven't been able to tend to my group properly. I have been trying to do that more often, but with issues arising in my personal life I've been struggling to do so. I apologize.
I've noticed the folders are becoming full. I have tried to open new folders and fix the issue but for some reason it is not letting me do so. I will keep trying to do so. (Literally as soon as I posted this it finally let me add another folder. XD)
There has also been issues with plagiarized work, if there is plagiarized work, you will be asked to remove it and if it keeps happening you will be blocked from posting anything to this group. Plagiarism isn't something we take lightly.

Hello Dear Members,

  :rudolph:    :santa:     :rudolph:

Merry Christmas  and Happy New Year for Everybody!

:xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas:
:xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas:
:xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas:
:xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas:
:xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas:
:xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas:

ED :iconartimisso:

Several places here were hit by twisters. In mid Illinois alone there were approximately 70. The worst happened in Washington, which happens to be where I grew up. I know for a fact, that a couple of my friends lost their homes. Please, PLEASE pray. People even up to an hour or two away are finding things from Washington in their yards. PLEASE let me know if you find anything that may be from Central Illinois, or more specifically Washington. Thank you!
(There was a tornado that also landed in my city as well and 140,000 people in this area are without power)
I will not be tolerant of Mature Content. I, and several members of the group, are minors or find that kind of thing offensive so PLEASE DON'T POST ANYTHING TOO INAPPROPRIATE. Thanks!

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